About LitCity

LitCity312 is a website documenting and celebrating the growth of Chicago’s independent literary culture. This includes features, reviews and profiles of:

  • Chicago’s independent publishers
  • Chicago’s live lit scene and literary events
  • Chicago’s independent bookstores (including suburban bookstores)
  • Local authors
  • Local writing and publishing networks and organizations

The Story Behind LitCity

The idea for LitCity was formed during an independent publishing graduate course at DePaul University in 2012. Professor Chris Green and Marcy Farrey first began the website as part of an anthology of independent presses, but it soon became clear that there was a growing need for information on Chicago’s thriving literary scene. The focus widened to include all the key players that make literature and writing come to life in Chicago.


LitCity312 was created purely for the love of independent lit, and is currently managed solely by Marcy Farrey in her free time. It’s a work in progress, and updates may be sporadic until Marcy figures out the whole work/life balance thing. It could take awhile, but rest assured she’ll update when she has something cool, relevant or important to say.