Armadillo’s Pillow

It’s pretty hard to find something bad to say about Armadillo’s Pillow, other than the fact the trek up might take a little while. It’s located Rogers Park in close proximity to Loyola, but the trip is worth it every time.

Armadillo’s Pillow is not the largest bookstore, though there is a truly wide variety of books you can find there. They like to pride themselves on their uncommon and rare book selections, which is valid. Of course you’ll have to look through all of the sections they have to find those rarities: cook books, religion, fiction, poetry, philosophy, death, the occult, language, Native American studies, just to name a few. They’re there: anything from author’s letters, to different translations, and even some really cool, old hardcovers that’ll make your friends think you are distinguished once they see it on your bookshelf.

The aesthetics of Armadillo’s Pillow is really charming. You will find yourself skimming spines between narrow and tall bookshelves, maybe on a stage, or seemingly trapped in a corner. They definitely make the best use of their space, and the books are all pretty organized!

Learn more about Armadillo’s Pillow on the bookstore’s website:

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