A Note from the Editor: Miss Us? Bringing Back LitCity312

LitCity312_Logo_4C_HiResLike many small projects and startups, LitCity312 was born as a side project that a couple of creative people were very passionate about — but as the years passed, our day-to-day lives grew busier, and LitCity312 got a little less love and attention than we intended.

From the day the idea of LitCity was born in Co-Founder Chris Green’s independent press class at DePaul University, I knew it was one worth pursuing. And while that was three years ago, I still feel strongly this is a valuable project and one that I can’t easily let go. Every time I visit a literary event, I remember why Chicago’s literary scene is so unique, and that there are so many stories here to tell.

My circumstances as an editor of this site have not changed: I am still employed full-time elsewhere, and LitCity312 will remain a passion project (or what some might call a “side hustle”). But this does not mean this site is any less needed or that I am any less capable of keeping it alive. Whenever I get discouraged, I remember how many of these talented people I’ve interviewed — from authors to press founders and co-founders — keep their side projects and passions going strong regardless of what other daily responsibilities they might have. There are late nights and early mornings, but they are making it happen because they believe in their work.

I believe LitCity312 can be a great resource for anyone who loves lit (and particularly indie lit) in Chicago. But for me to keep this running, the future model of LitCity will look a little different.

Our job here at LitCity312 is to tell the stories of the people who are building Chicago’s literary scene. Going forward, the primary objective will be to showcase profiles of the individuals, groups, shows, organizations, and companies that are out there building and contributing to this scene every day. In short, LitCity312’s mission is to document the growth of Chicago’s literary culture.

As one person with a large website, I welcome other volunteers who are interested and willing to help. Please email litcity312@nullgmail.com if you’d like to contribute, or if you think your project/business/show is something we should feature. Expect to hear more from us soon!

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Marcy Farrey is a storyteller with a passion for all things literary and independent. She has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University. Despite living in Illinois most of her life, she only recently became an official resident of the City of Chicago. She spent the first two years of her career working as a one-man band TV news reporter and producer, and she's still recovering. She now works as a corporate communications professional in Chicago.

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