Bookman’s Corner

Bookman’s Corner (Used Books)
2959 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657
East Lakeview Neighborhood
Mon-Sat: 1pm-7pm
Sunday: 1pm-6pm 


Bookman’s Corner is located in the fast-paced East Lakeview Neighborhood. It is approximately 3 blocks away from the Wellington Brown Line Stop. Situated on a quiet corner across the street from a Binny’s and a card shop, Bookman’s Corner can almost go unnoticed if passed too quickly. There is no sign that denotes it as “Bookman’s,” rather there lays a simple but clever motto painted on the window front, “Books Rare, Medium, and Well Done.” Immediately when you walk in it’s quite overwhelming. Book stacks as high the ceiling, leather books lining the floor, and the unrelenting smell of musty literature is the first thing I noticed as I walked through the door. Behind the first stack of books that range from Doris Day to D-Day sat a man on stool with his glasses drooped to the book in front of him. The man directed me to section I am looking for (Urban Fantasy Novels). And what do you know? There was a section for that! As I perused the store, I took in the full feel of the sacred bookstore. The ground was donned with porcelain tiles with small flowers blooming out of each tile. The room was warm. It felt smaller than it actually was, as I found myself finding secret ways to get to the next shelf across the room. The customer next to me was perched on a ladder trying to reach a copy of a famous Whitman novel. I almost fell over several times trying to traverse the piles of books that litter the ground. I was lost. But the good thing was the man at the front was always a shout away to find anything I was looking for. This bookstore, in no fancy way to say, was awesome.

Book Display

In all the chaos of the scattered books, towering displays, and rackety ladders, there is order. In the modest nature of this bookstore I expected no less than to see white masking tape stuck to each shelf denoting what section I was in. Written in black sharpie, each piece of tape represented the books that surrounded it. “Medical” “Nature” “Russia” “Chicago” “Romance” “Urban Fantasy” “Mysticism.” The list of genres was endless. There was no directory at the front so as I said before don’t be afraid to ask the book worm in the front! While it not as pretty and organized as newer bookstores, it makes it enjoyable to just to look for a book.

Parting Thoughts

This bookstore is not for people who enjoy the comforts and amenities of the neighborhood Barnes and Noble. It is not good-looking on the surface but what it contains on the inside is magical. It is for readers who like to get down in the dirt (not literally) and search for what they want to read. With a wide set of genres, it is good for anybody who is looking for that obscure read. While overwhelming at first, the feel of this bookstore is inviting. I urge everyone to make their way down to Clark Street and lose themselves in the stacks of Bookman’s Corner.

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Jacob Nedza

Jacob Nedza is a Junior at DePaul University. He is studying Secondary Education with a concentration in English. He was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Although aspiring to be a teacher, in his free time Jacob enjoys writing and reading. He loves to listen music and has a pretty fruitful music collection. Currently, Jacob lives in a cozy North side apartment where he is writing a short collection of crime stories.

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