Unabridged Bookstore

Unabridged Bookstore (New and Sale Books)

3251 N. Broadway Chicago, IL. 60657
Lakeview Neighborhood
Mon. – Fri. 10am – 9pm
Sat. – Sun. 10am – 7pm

Location + Feel:
Unabridged Books is lovely jewel located on a vibrant street in the Lakeview neighborhood. One of the most impressive facets of the store is the expansive and wonderful children’s nook, which is so colorful and delightful. Picture books are strewn from place to place and the drawings on the wall exude undeniable warmth. Simply put, my inner child came out upon seeing this place!
Since I visited the store in February, there was a smart section devoted to Black History Month. I am sure as the months progress, that particular section will fluctuate in theme. Unabridged Books is predominantly a sale books and new books establishment and one of the only bookstores that has current and updated magazines. I was particularly surprised by the extremely large gay/erotica section as it does not seem to hide in an inconspicuous corner. Rather, it is settled in one of the major middle sections, perhaps an omen to what the store is all about: diversity! There is a Classics corner, a vast array of Penguin Classics books, and a large basement/lower level section containing books on travel. My overall impression is that Unabridged is extremely organized (due to its high shelving) and vibrant (due to the use of drawings and color throughout). The friendly atmosphere exhibited by the open plan layout and the employees make this place truly one of a kind.

Book Display:
From what I could tell, it seems that Unabridged Bookstore does not necessarily cater to used books. However, they make up for that through space with variety/diversity of books. I appreciated how as I perused the store, I encountered handwritten synopses of various books from the staff themselves. I was able to get a sense of some of the most fascinating reads through those mini personalized letters. In addition, suggested books were noted through little stickers on the bookshelf edges, offering reasons to read a particular book.

Parting Thoughts:
I made a surprising discovery: The ‘Original Game of Thrones’ book is called The Iron King by author Maurice Druon. Funnily enough, George R.R. Martin, author of the currently notable Game of Thrones series, wrote an introduction to Druon’s book, praising it! Mind = blown. Thank you, Unabridged.

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