Wit Rabbit Reading Series

Location + Time:
On February 4, 2014, I attended the Wit Rabbit Reading Series located at Quencher’s Saloon, on the corner of Fullerton and Western in Logan Square – first Tuesday of the month series that showcases prose, poetry, and other dramatic written genres.

Atmosphere + Feel:
Upon walking into the space, there appears to be two separate rooms dictated by a red curtain: the bar area and the performance area. The bar space has a popcorn dispenser (because really, what good is a bar without popcorn?), various intermingling smells, a calendar/chalkboard of monthly events, flags and beers associated with that particular country, a small bookshelf lined with newspapers and magazines and, last but not least, the head of a deer overlooking the bar counter (and giving the patrons a death stare). The overall vibe in this room is friendly and energetic and I appreciated its vibrancy without any tangible sense of over-crowdedness.

The stage/performance area is separated by a curtain and upon gliding in, the room here isn’t too large and isn’t too small. There is a quaint intimacy evident but it is still a breathable and accessible space. There are a few benches, stools, and tables along the perimeter with a general open standing area in the middle. It is mostly dimly lit with several blue and orange spotlights directed onto the mounted stage area. There are bar beer handles situated atop the perimeter of the ceiling, a piano in the corner, a ‘Quencher’s Ave’ sign, a large mirror on one wall, a TV in the corner, cathedral-like panels on the ceiling, large speakers above the stage, and a chalkboard of the day’s readers/performers. All of these details certainly do not overwhelm; rather, there is much to appreciate aesthetically here.

Performers + Quality:
Although one reader was not able to make it to this event due to inclement snowy weather, the host was quite gracious for everyone who was in attendance: “Thanks for being here in the slushy advent of February!” + “Thanks for braving the elements!” While some performers read directly from passages in their own books, others read from poetry collections and first-person non-fiction essays. I enjoyed the variety of genre and though some readers chose to explain their work more heavily than others (due to their teaching background), most readers were vibrant and engaging.

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Amanda Hanna

Amanda Hanna earned her Bachelor's Degree in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, from DePaul University in June 2014. She plans to pursue her MA in Writing & Publishing, from DePaul, beginning in the fall of 2015. She was born in Chicago, but has lived in a variety of places throughout Southern California, such as Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego. Post high school, she attended a nineteen-day trip to Europe and visited Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, England, and France. On her free time, Amanda loves to draw and paint, attend symphonies and plays, peruse museums, visit farmers' markets, and, of course, read and write. One of her favorite collections of short stories is J.D. Salinger’s, 'Nine Stories'.

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