An Interview With Crime Novelist Dianne Gallagher

Dianne GallagherDianne Gallagher grew up in rural Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota, where she graduated with a BFA in Theatre, focusing primarily on playwriting. Upon moving to Los Angeles so her husband could attend film school, her interest shifted to screenwriting. Eventually, she moved to Chicago where her focus would again shift, this time to novels.

Before her debut novel, Too Dark to Sleep, was released, Dianne took up various projects that involved editing, critiquing, and ghost writing. Too Dark to Sleep has been given five stars and a seal of approval by IndieReader, and is a finalist in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards this September.

In our interview with Dianne, she discussed her upcoming novel, Indigo, and the field of digital and self-publishing.

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Jeff Jacobson Discusses Writing as a Career

Jacobson's Foodchain has recently been released as an eBook.

Jacobson’s Foodchain has recently been released as an eBook.

Jeff Jacobson is a horror crime novelist who lives near Chicago with family and many pets. He was born and raised in rural Northern California, but has since spent more than 20 years in Chicagoland. He also teaches Fiction and Screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago.

We reached out to Jacobson for his input on the publishing process, writing as a career, and books going digital.






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